City of Janesville Electronic Government Services

Welcome to the new Electronic Government (eGov) services. You can use this portal to access city information related to property in the city of Janesville. At the current time, the only service available is the property search function. This function allows you to see information about a property including the property record card, past tax bills and some of the building permits issued.

We intend to provide additional services over the next 18 months like the ability to view water bills and complaints. We will also eventually provide services to take out simple permits and make payments for various city services including utility bills.

There are two methods of accessing the eGov portal:

  • ANONYMOUS LOGON This method will give you full access to the property information, but access to other site information may be restricted.
  • USER ESTABLISHED PROFILE LOGON Using a profile will give you full access to all features and has some enhancements like the ability to store favorite properties without having to search each time.

If you create a profile, you should use the same name that appears on the deed to your property to ensure the account has full access to the correct parcel. If you create an account with nicknames or alternate spellings, the system will create a new account on the system, but it may not link directly to your property.

Once you’ve logged in (or accessed the anonymous service page) you must select the service from the menu at the top of the page. The only service available today is the property search.

If you have difficulty accessing the site, or have question or comments you can contact the City Clerk at 755-3000.

For tips on how to use the property (parcel) search function, Click here.

Click here to enter the anonymous eGov portal

Click here to enter the eGov profile portal