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Self-Initiated Incident Report Form

PURPOSE: This form is used to report incidents that occur within the City of Janesville to the Janesville Police Department. Report content will be considered for either future investigation or maintained as a Department record. Self-initiated Incident Reports that are deemed inappropriate, lack jurisdiction, or are otherwise not within the scope of police responsibility will be returned to the sender.

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete all applicable portions of this form. Use full name(s) if known. Describe property with all available identifiers including serial numbers, if known. Explain the circumstances with details, including date, time and location. Incomplete information will delay report processing. You may deliver this report to the Janesville Police Department by e-mail, FAX, or in person.

Getting Started

In order to be able to use this form to report an incident, the incident must have occurred in the City of Janesville and you must also be able to answer "No" to the following questions. If the incident did not occur in the City of Janesville you must contact the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

Is this an emergency?  
Is anyone injured?  
Was a weapon used or threatened to be used?  
Was any level of force used or threatened?  
Do you know who committed this offense?  
Did this happen in the City of Janesville?  


Incident Type  
Incident Location*   Apt. #
Occurred Start*:   Date: Time(mm:ssAM/PM)*:  
Occurred End*:   Date: Time(mm:ssAM/PM)*:  

Contact Information

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May we contact you regarding this report?
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*Required. If you don’t have an email address, you may print the report to submit by mail, FAX or in person.


Last NameFirst NameMiddleD.O.B.Event AssociationRaceSexPhoneAddress 
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Business Name: Address:


TypeYearMakeModelStyleLic. #Lic. StateEvent AssociationColorOwner Name 
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Owner NameEvent AssociationValueBrand/ MakeModelColorSerial NumberDescription 
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Upload Pictures

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Please briefly describe this incident:

The preceding information is provided to the Janesville Police Department for whatever purposes the police department deems necessary. I certify the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my ability.